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Critical Thinking – Part I

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Introduction to Epistemological Concepts

In today’s world, critical thinking is no longer required or even desired in modern academia. Instead, the student is taught to regurgitate the approved narrative. However, critical thinking is the hallmark of intelligence and the most effective tool by which mankind succeeds in living. Remember, we cannot compete with almost any animal in the wild based upon our instincts; man’s survival is directly dependent upon his intellect, and the skills of intelligence are called critical thinking. Critical Thinking – Part I will be introducing epistemological concepts – epistemology being the nature of thought. Over an 8 week course we will learn the foundations of thought and arrive at clear definitions, which will lay the groundwork for later teachings in deductive reasoning and symbolic logic, inductive reasoning and empiricism, logical fallacies, Eucludean concepts, and the geometry of existence, language and rhetoric, and finally, creativity and conceptualization.

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