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I am enrolled in both Hebrew classes, by Dr. P and by Chelle. I have been blessed by both classes. At first I thought this would be overwhelming, but I am surprised at how much my brain is taking in. I am finding myself starting to recognize words and letters in other teachings and am able to interpret a bit for my hubby. I am preparing for the pure lip that will be present in the rule of Yahusha. Thank you to both teachers for the time and energy put into preparation of these classes.

Lorna Schattle

I am greatly enjoying the journey into the Hebrew language. Let the revealing continue!

Catherine Hays

This class is amazing. It is not simple but very rewarding. I could not of asked Yah for a better teacher. If your looking to learn the Hebrew this is most definitely the place to start. Shalom in Yahusha’s name.


This is a very interesting class. I am enjoying learning Hebrew. Stephen is a great teacher and takes his time. I take notes and use the PowerPoints to transfer to. Best Part – you can always review if you miss a class. The class is always there to review and learn from.

Eileen DeStefano

This class has been a blessing and an answer to prayer. I am learning so much every week as we explore each letter of the aleph-beyit. Dr. Stephen Pidgeon is very thorough in the lectures and always welcomes questions. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in learning Hebrew.

Edith Cisneros

I have been taking beginning Hebrew classes for years but, found so many things concerning the Rabbinic rules very hard to grasp. As I participate in this class the confusion is going away. Dr. Pidgeon has such a depth of understanding not just of the language but of the history in which the language experienced revisions by the powers of the time period.  This knowledge base provides many answers to the confusion I had experienced before. The teaching of the vowel letters, the suffixes and prefixes is revelatory all on its own!

Chelle Wagner

I’ve been wanting to study Hebrew for a long time and I’m so glad I waited for Cepher Academy to offer the course.
I have learned so much just from the first 7 letters of the Aleph Beyit. Stephen has a way of communicating the meaning of the letters, for someone like me who has zero background in Hebrew, I find it easy to commit to memory.
Bring on the next lesson!

Jimmy – Australia

The learning of YAH’S Aleph Beit is such a spiritual journey for me. After every lesson I walk away more in Awe of YAH. I have been wanting to learn Hebrew for a while but was so skeptical of who I would let teach me this fascinating language because of all the cookie crumbs. Dr Pidgeon breaks it down wonderfully and I love that he is teaching of the dividing of the Word rightly! Thank You Dr Pidgeon!

Penny Cantrell

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