Dr. Stephen Pidgeon

The founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Cepher Publishing Group, LLC., Dr. Stephen Pidgeon is a political scientist with a Doctorate of Philosophy. In collaboration with a group of students of scripture, he is responsible for the creation and publication of the את CEPHER; a comprehensive restoration of sacred scripture in the English language.

Dr. Pidgeon is a student of many languages, including Greek, Hebrew, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian. An avid reader and author, he has published over 30 books. Additionally, he is an accomplished musician, with a degree in Piano Performance. He has produced several CDs featuring originally composed music for piano solo.



Covenant of the Ten Devariym

Comprehensive study of the commands of Yahuah


Ancient Days

History as found in the Cepher and other Ancient Writings


Scriptural Ivriyth for Beginners

Beginner Hebrew Course